Let the Fans Speak...

Have you considered new ways to incorporate fans into your team's broadcasts? Are you looking for additional ways to leverage media partners?

Sky Sports, a major media outlet in the United Kingdom, recently created the "Sky Sports FanZone", a program that enables die-hard soccer fans in the UK the opportunity to serve as live commentators for their favorite clubs. Sky Sports selects two (2) fans from opposing teams to voice their opinion on a live match each week. The selected contestants also are provided the opportunity to write pre-match blogs that are featured on SkySports.com as a build-up to their cameo appearances.

Clips and pictures of the commentator interaction are then featured during the broadcast, on the Sky Sports website, and on YouTube.com. To be eligible to win, consumers just have to fill out a simple application form online (or by emailing fanzone@skysports.com), explaining why they should be chosen for the contest. SkySports details on the FanZone webpage that contestants should be passionate, knowledgeable, talkative, funny, opinionated, confident, and positive-minded.

This would be an incredible feature to offer on Monday Night Football, TNT's coverage of NBA games, and/or Hockey Night in Canada... Give your fans a voice through an engaging platform!

Check out two (2) entertaining Sky Sports FanZone clips below: