Capture Fan Interest Through Unique Coupons..

Are you looking to create a unique coupon distribution program that will drive consumers back to retail? Are you looking to differentiate your coupons/project starters in-venue?

Taco Bueno created unique in-venue coupon distribution programs to leverage its partnerships with the Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, and Dallas Mavericks. As demonstrated by the picture on the right, Taco Bueno created eye-popping coupons with catchy phrases in an effort to drive consumer interest and trial.

In addition, Taco Bueno has used a variety of in-game tactics to promote its distribution of free taco coupons:

  • Texas Rangers - Taco Bueno offers a "Taco Time" feature during the fifth inning of Texas Ranger games to reward fans with free tacos
  • Texas State University - Taco Bueno offers a "Magic Minute" promotion, where all fans in attendance can win a free taco if the Texas State Bobcats score in the last minute of the soccer game
  • Dallas Mavericks - If the Mavericks score over 99 points, all fans in attendance win a free Taco Bueno taco
  • Dallas Stars - All fans in attendance win a free taco if the Stars score three goals or more