Looking for Corporate World Information?

Is your brand/organization looking for a new resource for corporate news and information? Is your organization looking to do some background homework on potential partners and clientele?

A new "must read" source for information is Business Week's Business Exchange.

What is the Business Exchange?

The goal of Business Exchange is to provide users with actionable insight delivered in a workflow tool that will increase your productivity. The Business Exchange is a Web site that allows users to create business topics, collaboratively aggregate content from the entire Web and connect with other business focused users around these topics. On Business Exchange you can:

  • Find Information on Any Business Topic
  • Find Information that is Most Useful to Other Users (Blog Posts, Most Viewed Topics)
  • Collaborate with Other Users (Registration Required)
  • Keep Track of What You've Done (Registration Required)

Business Week has made it extremely simple for users to create a profile on the Business Exchange. Users only have to link up their Linked In profile (through a simple function featured on the site) or type in some standard user profile data.

If you have a moment, check out the Business Exchange... To gauge the usefulness of the site, simply type in "Sports Marketing" in the search bar and see how many of the latest news items on that topic are featured. It is a great source for information and will only become more useful!