Drive Your Product Into Consumers' Minds...

Are you looking for new ways to drive awareness of your product in-venue? Are you looking for ways to leverage your baseball partnerships?

The Hiroshima Toyo Carp, a professional baseball team in Japan's Central League, have found a very unique way to promote Cup Noodles at their baseball games. The team outfitted a small truck with a huge Cup Noodles on the bed. During innings throughout the game, the truck drives around the baseball field, encouraging fans to head to the concessions stands to purchase their very own Cup Noodles. The "mobile" promotional vehicle provides Cup Noodles a great way to escape from all of the signage and corporate activation in-venue.

A similar mobile promotional vehicle would be a relevant for numerous companies to promote their brands in-venue:

  • Soft Drinks / Energy Drinks / Juices (e.g. the Seventh Inning Stretch Sponsored by Sprite, with the vehicle rounding the field showing a large Sprite can on the back and a half-off all Sprite purchases during the seventh inning)
  • Cell Phones (New Models)
  • Tools / Lawn Care Products
  • QSR Menu Items
  • Alcoholic Beverage Companies
  • Companies Selling Household Amenities