Take Caution with Promotional Stunts...

Week 1 of the college football season marks the first time that many collegiate athletic departments around the nation get to experiment with new promotional contests and stunts... While most stunts go according to plan, others do not. Check out two (2) stunts that went bad during the first week of the 2008 college football season:

The University of Cincinnati Bearcat Gets Caught in the Wires (While attempting to parachute into Nippert Stadium prior to the game before the team's season opener, the Cincinnati Bearcats mascot got caught in the wiring behind the uprights and fell 40 feet to the ground) 

Parachuters for the University of North Carolina Crash the Wrong Party (Two skydivers who were supposed to land in UNC's Kenan Stadium accidentally flew into Duke's Wallace Wade stadium nine (9) miles away, crashing the field during the team's pre-game festivities)