Looking to Drive Retail Sales?

Are you looking to create a retail promotional that will spur interest, store traffic, and sales?

Hoppy Hoffman has the answer.

Hoffman owns The Design Shoppe, a small retail shop in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Prior to the 2008 Arkansas State football season, Hoffman created a retail promotion that rewarded customers with 1% discount off their purchase for every point the Arkansas State Red Wolves won by on the Monday following each home game. Meaning, if Arkansas State won by 10 points, consumers would receive 10% off their purchase on the Monday following the team's home victory.

The result? The Red Wolves won their home opener 83-10... meaning all shoppers received a 73% discount on Arkansas State gear at Hoffman's shop the Monday after the team's opener. Since the promotion was created, business (and media buzz) has been booming for Hoffman. Following the Red Wolves' second home victory, nearly 200 people lined up for the store's doors to open at 9:30am. Arkansas State has four (4) home games remaining on the season, giving Hoffman a reason to hope for another win (although hopefully by a lesser margin). 

Consider leveraging a similar promotion with your retail partners!