Who Doesn't Love a Good Prank?

Are you looking for a creative :60 vignette concept that will drive in-game attention to your brand? Is your organization looking for a new, unique way to engage corporate partners?

Consumers love seeing a good prank... After all, Ashton Kutcher made a living off of pranks with his hit reality show Punk'd from 2003-07. If great pranks are so popular with people, why can't this idea translate in the sports marketplace?

Sponsors looking to drive attention to their brand in-game should consider working with team personnel to create a :60 vignette featuring a team prank that incorporates their brand. There are a variety of ways that teams and their supporting partners could collaborate on such an idea (rookies have to serve burgers at QSR partner, athlete has a unique experience at auto dealership, player receives a large amount of cases of XXX product delivered to his/her house, etc.).

The Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia Phillies are two (2) organizations who effectively created a "prank video" that generated some buzz across the web. While neither organization's video incorporated a corporate partner, they do an effective job demonstrating ways that teams can consider incorporating sponsored products, etc. (e.g. the Sacramento Kings could have staged a player prank using a corporate partner's product (instead of popcorn); the Philadelphia Phillies could have a partner's product in the trade discussions/locker room placement). Check out the two (2) videos below: