Looking For New Online Content? Consider Capturing Pre-Game Rituals...

Is your organization looking for new content to feature on its team website? Are you looking to capture elements that will spark fan interest?

Teams looking to spark consumer interest online should consider capturing pre-game rituals to feature on the team website. Players, teams, and even fans perform a variety of superstitious acts to get ready for gametime. From pre-game chants to concentration techniques, there are a lot of pre-game preparation techniques that make for some great content to feature online or during breaks in play on the scoreboard. Check out a few examples of quality pre-game ritual content below:

Brian Dawkins, Pre-Game Walk and Conversation with the Ball

All Blacks Rugby Team, War Dance

Lebron James and Damon Jones, How Am I Looking Display

John Henderson, Pre-Game Face Slap

Chris Cooley, Colt Brennan, and Todd Yoder Football Toss

Vince Carter, Basket Chin Up

Evgeni Malkin, Last Player on the Ice Skate