Have You Considered Creating a Scoreboard Section?

Are you looking to create exclusive sections in-venue at a minimal cost? Are you looking to drive excitement in certain sections of your upper bowl seating?

It really is a phenomenon how much fans love being shown on the scoreboard... For many, is there anything greater than going to a game and being featured on the scoreboard?

In most cases scoreboard cameos require fans to dance, kiss, make faces, etc. Being featured on a scoreboard is such a captivating moment for fans, yet interestingly enough, it is something that most organizations take for granted.

Over the past few years many organizations have adopted the All-You-Can-Eat model to drive fan excitement and new revenue streams. Could the next wave of fan-friendly sections be "Scoreboard Sections", where fans are guaranteed an appearance on the scoreboard at some point in time during the game?

It would be interesting to see if fans would be willing to pay an incremental price to sit in such a section. But regardless, the concept of a "Scoreboard Section" could be a great way to drive ticket demand for select sections of your venue.

Which leads to the question... We have seen so many advances in scoreboard technology, etc. When will the industry witness the first professional team feature a stand-alone Fan Cam Scoreboard that strictly shows fans' reactions and actions throughout the duration of a game? One has to figure that after all, most casual fans now go to sporting events for the entertainment value as much as the excitement of the game.