Axe Goes Guerrilla on Women's Running Event...

Are you looking for new, unqiue guerrilla marketing strategies?

Axe devised a creative guerrilla marketing campaign to capitalize on the largest European women's running event. The event, which took place in Aarhus, Denmark, featured 6,000 female participants competing against one another along a road course filled with thousands of ongoers. 

After the race began, Axe turned the event into a publicity stunt by having a man in an Axe shirt jump over a fence 100 meters in front of the starting line. The man quickly sprayed himself down with Axe cologne and began to lead the pack of female runners along the route, creating an impression for the thousands of ongoers watching the race that thousands of women were chasing him after using Axe's product. A very creative campaign developed by Axe!

Source: Invisible Red - 12/9/2008