LeBron and State Farm Announce... He is a Cleveland Brown?

Over the past few weeks, State Farm has secretly captivated the minds of Americans with a teaser announcement featuring LeBron James standing at a podium and making an announcement that he will follow his first love. The commercial stirred the thoughts and emotions of many (sports fans, general consumers, Cavs fans, Knicks fans, etc.).

Well, the day has come - January 18th, 2009 and State Farm officially released "Lebron's announcement"... The follow up commercial features LeBron at the podium revealing that he will become a Cleveland Brown! As sports fans everywhere feel a pinch of excitement, the commercial soon later reveals this to only be a dream.

State Farm does a great job tying the theme of the commercial back to their corporate slogan... The campaign (which brings back memories of Michael Jordan's stint in baseball) is extremely intriguing and will quickly win over the thoughts and minds of sports fans everywhere. Check out out State Farm's creative ads below (hopefully the first of many):

Note: State Farm and LeBron James entered into a marketing agreement in February 2008 in an effort to target the young adult market and provide children and young adults with safer, stronger, and better-educated communities. The relationship was officially announced at the 2008 NBA All-Star game. It is interesting to note that the company publicly promotes the fact that Lebron has been a State Farm customer since 2004.