Alta Targets New Skiers With "Ski Free After 3" Promotional Campaign...

Are you looking for new ways to leverage your brand's ski resort partnership? Are you looking for new ways to reward consumers participating in winter sports?

The Alta Ski resort, located in Alta, Utah, has implemented a unique promotional offer over the past six years that has attracted the likes of thousands of new participants. The resort offers a "Ski Free After 3" promotion that enables consumers of all ages to come out to the resort and use the ski lift for FREE from 3:00pm-4:30pm every day of the season.

The result? Over 10,000 skiers participate in the program each year, including many first-timers. With the resort charging just $9 for ski equipment rentals after 2pm, the promotion enables many families to come experience the sport skiing in a fun, affordable way. In addition, the promotion serves as an effective way for the resort to convert beginners into skiing enthusiasts and can potentially help the resort secure long-term business should consumers find their first-time skiing experience to be a memorable one (and return year upon year with their families). 

Ski resorts tepid of creating such a promotional offer can consider bringing a corporate partner on board to underwrite any financial risks. Companies looking to connect and give back to the community may find that serving as the Presenting Sponsor of such an offer is the perfect way to reach families, young consumers, and tap into the local skiing community.