Remind Soccer Fans Why Dental Care/Healthcare is Necessary...

Is your organization looking to drive awareness for a dental care/health care provider?

Creating an in-game :30 vignette that resonates with fans might just do the trick. To drive in-venue awareness, consider creating short guerrilla-style videos that demonstrate different scenarios in soccer where plays can go wrong and affect one's dental/health status (as shown in the video below): 

Need a few other ideas? Search for videos that detail:

  • A soccer kick that doesn't make it past the wall (and one player feels the pain for his teammates)
  • Two (2) players go up for a header and both come down with injuries
  • An errant shot hits a fan in the stands

Remember, in-game messaging needs to resonate with fans. The more unique ways that organizations can effectively connect with the mindset of fans, the better off all parties will be in the end (a more educated/driven fanbase, more results for supporting partners, and higher credibility for the property to deliver).