'09 NHL All-Star Weekend Branding and Activation a Hit With Consumers...

Are you looking to benchmark efforts to enhance your All-Star weekend branding and activation? Are you looking for new ways to distinguish your brand in a hockey setting?

Recently, the National Hockey League has received nothing but praise for its All-Star weekend festivities at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The event was the finest in many years, convincing people throughout the industry that the NHL should consider hosting the event annually in Montreal.

The weekend featured some unique branding elements and activation tactics, including:

  • Ice Sculpture Alley (every NHL team had their jersey frozen in a block of ice)
  • NHL Jamboree (full exhibit with a rink, autograph table, giant Stanley Cup, mascot appearances)
  • Bud Light Ice Sculpture Display
  • Molson Puck Bunnies

An NHL All-Star Activation gallery was recently posted on PartnershipActivation.com that captures all of the unique activation tactics and branding elements. Check out the gallery here.

A special thanks to Whitney Modlinski of the Marketing Arm for her insights and contributions to this column.