Lions Seats For Sale... But Is Anyone Surprised?

As an avid sports fan, how would you react to your favorite team going winless on the season?

After witnessing the Detroit Lions make history by becoming the first NFL organization to lose 16 games in a season, a few Lions season ticket holders took the matter into their own hands and got creative with their PSL seat rights. After the Lions final home loss, a few ticket holders decided to put For Sale signs up on their seats with some humorous messaging...

While the For Sale signs sum up the emotions of Detroit fans everywhere, they also potentially present an idea for "Official Realtors" to capitalize on. Official Team Realtors should consider brainstorming creative ways that they can us the rights/marks/assets of the organizations that they are aligned with to help drive awareness and new business. 

Realtors can:

  • Use a select event date to distribute branded For Sale signs (that consumers can use for anything)
  • Find unique ways to tie official team rights and marks into the marketing materials (co-branded For Sale signs in the lawns of the clients they are representing, use a mascot appearance for a exclusive showing)
  • Capitalize on local franchises being put up for sale (creating billboard campaigns that imply that their realtor division is closing some of the other large deals in town)
  • Utilize courtside inventory (For Sale Signs to Our New Customers for $1" on select seats) to drive business