New Nike Viral - Celebrity Escapes the Paparazzi...

Are you looking to create a unique viral piece that captures the lifestyles of athletes of the field? Are you looking to provide fans an alternative look at the lifestyle of athletes?

Nike recently released a tremendous viral piece that features Taylor Momsen, a star actress on the show Gossip Girl, using Nike products to escape the paparazzi. The clip shows Momsen sporting Nike gear (a sports bra and shoes) as she performs acrobatic stunts in an attempt to run from a bombarding group of paparazzi outside her local gym. Check out the piece below:

It would be tremendous to see a company like Nike create a similar piece that captures an athlete facing the paparazzi craze after winning the Super Bowl or another historic event. Nike could create some very interesting pieces showing Ladainian Tomlinson outrun the paparazzi with his 4.42-40 speed or Troy Polamalu posing as a member of the paparazzi and stalking down an opposing quarterback off the field.

Consider new ways that you can position your brands/sponsored athletes in the limelight with creative viral pieces!