Use Stairways/Escalators to Demonstrate Brand Attributes...

Is your organization looking for a unique way to drive awareness for beverage offerings in-venue? Is your brand looking for new ways to demonstrate product attributes?

Coca-Cola and McDonalds teamed up to create a unique guerrilla marketing tactic that helped demonstrate the benefits of Coca-Cola Light versus Coca-Cola. The collaborating parties redesigned a staircase and an adjoining escalator to help consumers compare the attributes of the two brands (as shown in the picture below)... a creative way to bring some light to your brand that stops consumers in their tracks!

Sports marketers should consider finding similar ways in-venue to assist supporting parties with their promotion of multiple product lines, etc. Ample opportunities exist for sports marketers to capture the attention of fans pre-game/in-game/post-game by using a little creativity in the concourse level!

Source: Invisible Red