Pepsi Lets Fans Pick the Halftime Music of the Grey Cup

Are you looking for new ways to engage fans in your organization's halftime entertainment? Are you looking to create a unique promotion around a major event that incorporates the voice of fans?

Pepsi recently unveiled a tremendous 'Name Your Playlist' contest that enables fans the chance to choose which of their favorite hits will be played during halftime of the CFL's Grey Cup. With the popular band Blue Rodeo set to play at halftime of the game, fans can log on to and choose the three (3) songs (out of ten (10) of the band's greatest hits) that they would like to see played.

Those who participate in the 'Name Your Playlist' have the chance to win weekly prizes from Pepsi, Blue Rodeo, the CFL, and Wilson. The contest is set to run through November 20th, just days prior to the Grey Cup game on November 30th in Calgary at 6:30 pm (the game is being broadcast on TSN and RDS). Pepsi Max is the official sponsor of the Grey Cup Halftime Show.

The 'Name Your Playlist' promotion is terrific because it incorporates the passion people have for both sports and music and marries them all into one contest. As fans often debate on the entertainment value of halftime performances and pre-game entertainment, the contest allows Pepsi a way for them to feel like they have a say in the festivities... a notion that is huge with Gen Y consumers.

Source: TSN

A special thanks to Darryl Dionne of the PHPA for his insights and contributions to this column.