Looking to Sell More Pizza at Your Venue?

Are you looking for new ways to leverage a corporate pizza partner? Are you searching for ways to drive concessions sales at your venue?

Donato's recently teamed up with Columbus-based Engauge and Clear Channel Outdoor to create a compelling outdoor billboard campaign in an effort to promote the chain's new hand-tossed pie. The pizza chain created a gigantic pizza billboard in downtown Columbus that created an illusion that steam was rising from the pizza (due to it being so hot and fresh).

How did they do it?

According to MediaLife Magazine, Clear Channel Outdoor and an independent contractor installed ducts in the billboard to emit steam. Afterwards, the parties positioned the giant pizza at a certain height on the billboard to create an illusion that the steam was rising from the pizza. The billboard released steam every minute during peak commuter hours in downtown Columbus.

Check out the creative billboard below. This would serve as an effective way for sports organizations to bring their pizza partners' static signage to life in-venue!

Source: PMQ.com