Cardinals Fan Buys Super Bowl Ticket for $29...

Are you looking for a new way to buy, sell, and trade tickets? Are you looking to see your favorite team play in a championship game at a low cost?

This year, one lucky Arizona Cardinals fan was able to purchase a ticket to the Super Bowl for just $29... the same ticket that many others pay thousands of dollars more to purchase (on the open market, Super Bowl tickets cost $1,400+).  


In December, the fan went on to the site and purchased a Super Bowl futures contract for the Cardinals and Steelers to meet in the Super Bowl. The fan was willing to risk $29 for the chance that if both teams made the Super Bowl, he would receive a free ticket at no additional cost. If they didn't win, he would lose his investment.

The prices of futures contracts on continuously change based on a team's chances of making it to the championship, providing fans a chance to win when their teams win. The investment costs range based on the teams selected, event, and timing of the purchase. offers a pretty interesting ticketing business model. The site claims to be the world's first futures exchance for event tickets, serving as a real-time online trading platform that gives fans, traders, and resellers a safe place to trade tickets. 

Check out a video clip below of a local news channel covering's $29 Super Bowl transaction:

A special thanks to Claudio Cabrera of for his insights and contributions to this column!