H-O-R-S-E? Kevin Love is the King of Trick Shots...

Are you looking to create a viral piece that drives additional buzz for your organization?

With the NBA set to host a game of H-O-R-S-E for the first time during the league's All-Star Weekend Festivities, a viral clip that ToppsTV created in August with Minnesota Timberwolves rookie forward Kevin Love is really starting to generate some buzz in the social media marketplace.

The ToppsTV clip features a behind-the-scenes look at Kevin Love attempting a variety of trick shots from behind the arc. The video was designed to help drive attention to the company's Topps Camp, a 2-day basketball camp held in Beaverton, Oregon. In the clip, Love amazingly puts his skills to the test and proves why he is the King of Trick Shots, performing four (4) unusual attempts:

  • A Bounce Shot from the Three Point Line
  • A Backwards Over-the-Head Shot from the Three Point Line
  • A Behind-the-Back Shot from the Three Point Line
  • A Drop Kick Shot from the Three Point Line

Check out the clip below: