The Raptors Play "Spin the Smirnoff Bottle"...

Are you looking to create an engaging in-game promotion that rewards fans?

The Toronto Raptors recently teamed up with Smirnoff Ice to create a "Spin the Smirnoff Bottle" promotion that rewards fans with a variety of prizes. The Raptors place the Smirnoff spinwheel board at mid-court and offer select contestants the chance to win one of several prizes:

  • Air Canada Flight Vouchers
  • $200 Gift Certificates
  • Lower Bowl Tickets
  • Raptors Night Out Passes
  • An Autographed Jersey

The concept is so simple, yet effective because everyone is familiar with the "Spin the Bottle" concept. The promotion serves as a great awareness/retention driver for Smirnoff. Check out a picture of the action below: