Nike's New Soccer Commercial Surely Doesn't Disappoint...

Are you looking for new ways to showcase your brand in the heat of the moment? Are you looking to create a commercial spot that capitalizes on the emotion and excitement of the game?

Nike does a tremendous job in its most recent commercial spot - Ignite - subtly showcasing its brand in the "heat of the moment" of an elite EPL soccer match. The clip, produced by W+K Tokyo, was recently featured during halftime of the World Cup Qualifying match between Australia and Tokyo.

If you watch closely, Nike features uses a variety of mechanisms to subtly promote its soccer products and alliances with Arsenal, Manchester United, and multiple athlete endorsers:

  • Cleats - Logo Placement
  • Jersey - Logo Placement (short-sleeve, long-sleeve, fan jerseys)
  • Field Boards - Logo Placement
  • Socks - Logo Placement
  • LED Banner Signage - Logo Placement
  • Ball - Logo Placement
  • Shorts - Logo Placement

Check out the clip below: