Soccer Stars Bowl for Kicks...

Is your soccer organization looking to host a unique promotional event?

In 2007. Adidas created a terrific viral clip featuring Messi and Xavi, two (2) international soccer stars, facing off in a head-to-head competition at a bowling alley. Adidas challenged the two athletes to compete to see whose football shoes would perform better under pressure - the Predator or F50.

Adidas added a unique twist to the "bowling competition" by having each of the players kick soccer balls down the bowling alley (as opposed to bowling). Check out the clip below:

Soccer clubs across the globe shpuld consider hosting charitable events to drive awareness/dollars raised by offering a similar twist. Many soccer fans around the nation would pay a hefty sum for the chance to bowl/kick against their favorite soccer stars in a head-to-head competition for charity. Hosting such an event could be a great way to drive some nice PR buzz (headlines, online viral, etc.) prior to one of your team's jewel events during the season.