Consider Using E-Cast Billboards to Engage Fans in Outdoor Settings...

Are you looking to create a unique outdoor campaign to drive buzz for your organization? Are you looking to provide consumers a new way to express their fandom?

Sports properties should consider benchmarking a recent outdoor campaign implemented by Sharpie to engage fans while they wait for outdoor busses and other modes of transportation.

Recently, Sharpie created interactive e-cast billboards that enable consumers waiting for busses to create their own graffiti on a virtual arm cast. The e-cast billboards let consumers write a message in various colors in a permanent fashion (the technology is very cool - check out the picture below for an example).

Teams can model Sharpie's outdoor execution by creating bus station billboards that enable fans to:

  • Write their own autograph on a virtual team jersey
  • Send the team good luck messages as they enter the playoffs
  • Let consumers experience a simulation of signing a contract
  • Suggest player nicknames, team slogans/campaigns
  • Fill in caption bubbles of what action taking place in a picture
  • Suggest who the team should select in an upcoming draft
  • Sign themselves up for an exclusive experience (practice, behind-the-scenes tour) - in this case, the team could feature numerous billboards around time as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign