Apple Catches the Eye of Readers With Banner Ads...

Are you looking to enhance the effectiveness of your banner ads? Are you looking for new ways to extend media content across multiple channels?

Over the past few months, Apple has featured one of the most innovative and effective banner ad campaigns in the online sports space to date (a campaign prominently featured on Apple teamed up with TBWA / Media Arts lab to create an interactive banner ad that demonstrates the game play features and fixtures of the iPod Touch.

As consumers view the homepage screen of, the latest Apple iPod Touch banner ad actually manipulates the menu screen, jostling around content featured on the screen (an element which adds to the interactivity of the iPod Touch game play featured in the ad). The banner ad serves as an extremely effective awareness driver that does a great job entertaining the common user while demonstrating the benefits and features of the iPod Touch device.

Check out Apple's innovative banner ad campaign in action and consider new ways that you can bring your brand to life for consumers in the online space!

A special thanks to Sean Phifer of the Ohio University Sports Administration Program for his insights and contributions to this column.