Shaq and LeBron Post New Pre-Game Intros...

Are you looking for new ways to entertain fans during pre-game festivities? Are you looking for ways that athletes and teams can leverage their corporate partners in new situations?

In recent weeks, Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James have called on their teammates to help them create some captivating pre-game introductions. The pre-game features are beginning to draw a significant amount of buzz as they help show the true personalities of the players.

There hasn't been any word on whether the NBA approves/disapproves of the pre-game features (as they creep close to touchdown celebrations) but it could open up the door for many teams and athletes to consider new ways to leverage corporate partners.

For instance, in the videos of Shaq and LeBron's pre-game intros displayed below, both could have easily tied in a corporate partner (if there was an opportunity to do so) by simply displaying a sign at the end of the feature that promoted a camera/film company (e.g. Kodak, Olympus, etc.) or a bowling alley (mirroring an improv skit).

Consider new ways that you can bring your corporate partners to the forefront on game day!