Is Your Venue Bluetooth Ready?

Are you looking for new ways to engage with consumers attending events at your venue? Are you searching for ways that technology is continuing to have an impact on the sports industry?

Everton FC of the English Premier League recently outfitted its home pitch, Goodison Park, with the largest Bluetooth installation of any stadium facility in the world. Everton FC's new Bluetooth infrastructure enables it to create extra value and strengthen club loyalty for the 42,000 fans in attendance at their venue. The team collaborated with More Mobile Relations to install 89 Bluetooth nodes in 58 zones equipped with flat screen televisions to demonstrate the technology's advantages to fans.

Everton FC's bluetooth technology enables the team to offer news, exclusive offers, free downloads, footage of classic goals, and exciting applications on an exclusive game day mobile site to all fans who link to the wireless connection while attending games at Goodison Park.

The Bluetooth technology has proven to be very popular with fans in attendance. For every campaign promoted at the stadium, 1,000 fans have chosen to download the content and application - a number rising each match.

How does it work?

Everton FC's bluetooth technology sets up a wireless connection with all fans who have Bluetooth technology on their phones. As fans enter the venue, they are sent an automatic message asking them if they would like to connect to the service. If they accept the offer, they are sent exclusive news and offers as long as they are within the stadium confines or in the team store.

With the technology still in its early existence, Everton is reaching out to its fanbase and asking for instant feedback. The team set up an email address ( for all fans to provide their thoughts on the content they are receiving through the technology, etc.

A special thanks to Steen Leth-jorg of Sport One Danmark A/S for his insights and contributions to this column... Best Wishes Steen!