The Thrashers Create Great Promo but Fall Short with Execution...

Are you looking for a new way to entertain fans in-venue? Are you looking for new ideas for skits to feature on the video board during intermission periods and stoppages in play?

The Atlanta Thrashers recently featured a humorous in-game promotional video board vignette that poked fun of current and former hockey players starring in commercials.

The promotional video primarily centered around Capitals F Alex Ovechkin's terrible singing performance in a commercial for Eastern Motors. The team's creative vignette was met with a chorous of cheers at Phillips Arena. Check out the campaign below:

The only problem with the campaign? At the end of the vignette, the Thrashers directed all fans in attendance to, a website that actually hadn't been purchased (a lack of execution on the team's part). As buzz around the promotional video began to circulate, Atlanta-area interactive designer Jeremy Heilpern acquired the domain and uploaded an apology to the site's visitors.

What was Heilpern's claim? While he wasn't in charge of the campaign, he could be, and would have done a much better job, recommending that the Atlanta Thrashers should have instead created a micro-site as an engaging payoff for viewers.