Arsenal FC Cherishes its Memories with Time Capsule...

Are you looking for a new way to commemorate your organization's success on and off the field? Are you looking for new ways to engage your fanbase through a unique experience?

When Arsenal FC moved into its new stadium facility, Emirates Stadium, the team honored its 91 years of tradition competing at Arsenal Stadium, Highbury by creating a specially-made time capsule. The EPL team invited current and past players, team personnel, and thousands of guests to attend a special ceremony. Arsenal FC featured footage of the event and exclusive player interviews on its team channel, Arsenal PLUS, for subscribers to view during their free time (creating exclusive content for fans).

The club filled the time capsule with nearly 40 items, 25 of which had been chosen by the team's fans. Items placed in the time capsule included original team jerseys, Captain armbands, and replica models. Arsenal FC placed the time capsule on display at Emirates Stadium for fans to enjoy while attending the club's home matches.

Time capsules serve as an excellent way for organizations to commemorate their history, engage fans, and highlight the best practices of their corporate partners. Tactics teams can consider implementing can include:

  • Promotional Offers / Fan Incentives - Teams can ask all fans who attended their games in a given season to submit a ticket stub with their name on it to win free tickets for a decade/lifetime. The team can anonomously place one winning ticket stub in the capsule and announce the winner 5-10 years later when it is opened
  • Corporate Partner Engagement - Teams can create "Corporate Partner Capsules" that highlight their initiatives during a given season. When the team opens the capsule in 5-10 years, if any of the sponsors involved are still partners with the team, the club will provide them with exclusive inventory/value (to encourage partners to remain committed to the team, etc.)
  • Commemorate Team History - When teams are looking for ways to honor their history when moving into facilities, honoring retired players, and renovating their current venues, time capsules can serve as a great way to commemorate special occasions

Source: Flickr Photos from arsenalfc