Georgia Max Coffee Lets Consumers Feel Like They're Skiing on the Hopper...

Is your brand looking to make a splash with consumers in the restrooms? Are you looking for ways to help your brand escape the advertising clutter at ski tournaments and extreme sports events?

Georgia Max Coffee, a canned coffee product owned and operated by the Coca-Cola Co., recently transformed the restrooms in a number of ski resorts throughout Japan to resemble a ski jumper's experience. The coffee company wrapped the restrooms with a ski jumper's view from the top of a mountain, making consumers feel like they are living in the moment while taking a few minutes to use the bathroom.

The only branding in the restroom stalls was featured on the toilet paper holder. There, consumers were greeted with the promotional campaign's URL ( and an attention getting message. Tugboat Tokyo created the ad campaign for Georgia Max Coffee.

Check out some pictures of Georgia Max Coffee's bathroom branding initiative below:

Check out some of Georgia Max Coffee's other branding tactics on the ski slopes below: