The Twolves Create a Kevin Love Infomercial...

Are you looking for creative ways to market your organization? Are you looking for new ways to promote athletes on your team for accolades?

Over the past few days, the Minnesota Timberwolves have generated some buzz with their new infomercial campaign touting Kevin Love as a candidate for the NBA's Rookie of the Year Award. The Timberwolves created a classic campaign that features Kevin Love showcasing the "Mr. Love Miracle Glass Cleaner", a product that Love says is the secret to his success around the boards.

The Timberwolves are supporting the initiative with a micro site - - and a 4:16 YouTube viral piece (shown below) that is generating a significant amount of attention in the online space. To make an impact on the ROY voting process, the team sent the marketing campaign to the 125 media members who decide which player is the most deserving of the award (who may have missed Love's stellar play in '08-'09 due to the Timberwolves 21-54 record).

Check out the TWolves infomercial campaign below... it might spark some ideas for your organization!