Using Media to Drive Online Traffic

Are you looking for new ways to drive traffic to your brand/organization's website? Are you looking for new ways to leverage media to drive online results?

Brands and organizations looking to leverage broadcasts and viral pieces to drive online traffic should consider softly embedding URL's into these media productions. Too often, brands fail with incorporating their messaging into viral efforts due to:

  • Delaying the viewer experience (some brands make consumers watch a :15-:30 ad prior to the video (causing negative emotions before the viral piece even begins)
  • Interrupting the viewer experience (brands often times display intrusive logos, slogans scrolling across the bottom of the screen, etc.
  • Taking away from the validity of viral pieces by forcing product placement/messaging into the feature

Brands looking for a way to softly embed their URL in broadcasts/viral pieces should consider benchmarking the enclosed Yomiuri Giants Japanese baseball clip, which effectively demonstrates how teams can leverage viral clips to drive URL awareness (and online traffic as a result). As you will see, the piece features a URL (of Lee seung yeup Love's website - faded into the upper part of the screen. 

Softly embedding a URL into a viral piece may actually peak the interest of consumers as they try to figure out whether it is a resource for additional information/videos and/or how it is aligned with the clip. The more unique (yet relevant) the URL, the more opportunity to capture additional viewer interest. Check out the clip below: