Billboard of the Week - Chick-fil-A

Are you looking for ways to leverage B2B partnerships? Are you looking for new ways to promote your product in a unique way?

Over the past few months, Chick-Fil-A has featured a very creative billboard along I-85 when passing through Atlanta, Georgia. The billboard features two (2) of the company's signature cows finishing a project on an Etch-a-Sketch board that spells out "Beef Iz Sketchy". While Chick-Fil-A likely does not have a partnership with Etch-A-Sketch (it would be interesting to see if they had to acquire rights to marks, etc. for this ad) it does raise the questions:

  • Have you ever considered aligning with a B2B partner to devise a creative billboard campaign?
  • With signage and billboard inventory space often rare (and valuable) outside stadium venues, have you ever thought to team up with one of the organization's other partners on a campaign that would resonate with fans and would benefit both brands?

For example, if both an airline partner and rental car provider were targeting fans traveling in for a game, aren't there synergies that exist where the partners could align to create an interesting (and entertaining) billboard campaign? Or multiple brands that are focused on targeting the same demographics of consumers (e.g. Gillette/National Guard targeting young adults, etc.). 

Have we begun to see partners interested in sharing signage inventory (either buying half the season and selling the other half to another partner if interested or leveraging an actual piece of static signage to push multiple brands?). These tactics are currently taking place in NASCAR today but it is yet to be seen in the traditional sports signage space. Are properties even willing to entertain this?

Consider new ways to collaborate on B2B messaging campaigns that can provide better results for your brand!