adidas Demonstrates Benefits with Pred-a-Rater

Are you looking to demonstrate to consumers how they can benefit from using your product? Are you looking for ways to leverage soccer personalities?

In March, adidas released a series of soccer viral pieces that feature the world's premier soccer players testing out the company's prized Predator footwear. In each of the clips, adidas demonstrates the benefits derived from wearing Predator soccer boots by measuring the shooting power and precision of the world's finest players using a Pred-a-Rater machine.  

The Pred-a-Rater machine is said to use a mathematical analysis to accurately track a shot's velocity and trajectory on its 11-meter distance from the penalty distance to the goal. Whether the Pred-a-Rater is an accurate measuring tool or not, the clips effectively demonstrate benefits believed to be derived from wearing the Predator footwear (and showcase the personalities of the world's finest soccer stars). Check out two clips from the Pred-a-Rater campaign below: