BooneOakley's Website is now an Interactive YouTube Video...

Are you searching for ways to stay ahead of the digital curve? Are you looking for ways to differentiate yourself in the marketplace?

BooneOakley, one of the nation's most creative ad agencies, has completely converted its company website into an interactive YouTube video piece that can be favorited, shared, and included in user playlists.

If you have five minutes available, the site is a "must see" as it serves as a benchmark for ways that companies are making social media applications even more interactive.

This is where the industry is headed - take notice and stay ahead of the curve. The question is, who in the sports space will be the first to follow BooneOakley's lead and create an interactive YouTube platform that features an assortment of multimedia content?

Why did BooneOakley make the move to YouTube to share their story?

"We needed a way to tell our story, and today the best forum for a story is YouTube, where we can use narration and really crappy animation. As an embeddable video, the new BooneOakley website presents our work in a unique and also more easily accessible way. And it can live anywhere that supports YouTube videos, including blogs, other websites, and many cell phones." - David Oakley, BooneOakley co-founder

A special thanks to Jason Peck (@JasonPeck) of Take a Peck for identifying this site and spreading the news on his Twitter feed.