Looking to Tackle Compliance Issues?

Are you looking for new ways to educate students, coaches, faculty, and donors about new compliance regulations? Are you looking for ways to drive buzz around University compliance efforts?

The University of California Riverside Athletic Department has done a tremendous job tackling compliance issues by introducing a Compliance Bear mascot. The University is showcasing its mascot, Scotty the Bear, in a series of skits that demonstrate the do's and dont's of compliance.

Since the University introduced the Compliance Bear on campus, violations have decreased significantly. With the Compliance Bear's popularity on the rise, UCR officials have a real opportunity to capitalize on from a sponsorship standpoint. There may be a few corporate partners interested in leveraging the bear at local store events, etc. (healthcare, banking, accounting firms, etc.).

Check out the clip below and consider new ways that you can introduce similar initiatives at your University!

A special thanks to Jonathan Norman of GMR Marketing for his insights and contributions to this column!