Custom Domain Extensions Will Soon Change the Sports Industry...

Are you looking for new ways to control your content and web domains online? Are you looking for ways that the sports marketplace will be impacted by technological advancements in the coming years?

Beginning in 2010, brands will be able to purchase their own name in place of traditional domain extensions (.com, .org, .net, .edu) through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). For a price of $185,000, brands will be able to purchase top-level domain extensions (gTLD's) that enable them to create real and specific branded websites.

For example, new domain regulations will enable a company like Pepsi to create custom domains like 'drinking.pepsi' and 'thepepsichallenge.pepsi'. These regulations will allow brands to have a greater control over their domain and counter cyber-squatters who purchase related domain names that prevent brands from utilizing preferred terms. Companies operating on a smaller scale will be able to purchase specific domain names that signify their geographic location (thewestin.florida) or business sector.

How will this affect the industry? We could soon see a number of organizations adopt new web extensions, including:

  • Major Brands (.pepsi, .kraft, .mcdonalds)
  • Locations (Olympics.chicago, worldcup.southafrica)
  • Sports Organizations (basketball.chicagobulls, track.usc)
  • Media Outlets (, racing.speedtv)
  • Athletes (basketball.shaq, golf.tiger)

One of the biggest hurdles with the new domain extension regulations is that brands are simply not aware that they will be provided the opportunity to purchase their own custom extension. ICANN expects to receive 300-500 applications next year before industry leaders catch on to the opportunity.

Look for a domain gold rush to happen soon! Who will be the first to chase .god, .yankees, and .sex? Only time will tell.