Use Billboards to Capitalize on Team Affinity...

Are you looking for new ways to capitalize on team affiliation? Are you looking for creative tactics to promote a partnership in the local marketplace?

Brand managers looking to capitalize on team affinity should consider modeling the Dunkin' Donuts guerrilla billboard strategy detailed below. With more sports organizations turning to outdoor media to promote ticket sales, community initiatives, and re-branding initiatives, sponsors have a unique opportunity to drive affiliation awareness by leveraging neighboring billboards.

By simply using an arrow technique (as pictured below), sponsors and ambush marketers can imply association with sports organizations through outdoor billboards. The trouble is often the planning ahead of time (knowing where and when the team's billboards will go up) but most uncertainty can be limited by analyzing historical placement.

Sponsors can drive home team affiliation using a variety of messaging campaigns:

  • Great Teams (arrow pointing to team logo) Drink Great Beverages (arrow pointing to sponsor logo)
  • Go Big (arrow point to team sponsor logo) or Go Home (pointing to a competitor's logo who was recently eliminated from the playoffs)
  • The "Heavenly" Association
  • Great Team (arrow pointing to team logo), Great Beer
  • Fast Teams (arrow pointing to team logo) Drive Fast Cars (arrow pointing to sponsor logo)