Comcast Creates a Compelling Offer for Fantasy Football Players...

Are you looking for ways to engage with consumers in the fantasy space? Are you looking for new ways to create direct benefits for fantasy football players and enhance their experience?

Comcast recently launched Coach Cowher's Fantasy Reality Check, a compelling fantasy campaign that offers consumers who play fantasy football $200 cash back for their league fees when they sign up for Comcast HD Triple Play. Comcast brought Bill Cowher out of retirement for the campaign to help consumers choose a fantasy football deal that will really help their team... and their pockets.

To take advantage of the offer, consumers just have to call 1-877-950-7950 and sign up to receive Comcast's digital cable (with free HD plus HBO), faster internet, and unlimited nationwide calling. 

Comcast has done a terrific job driving the campaign in the viral space through a variety of 2.0 mediums:

One unique feature on the Fantasy Reality Check website is a "Send a Friend Smackdowns" feature that lets users share a Bill Cowher in-your-face pep talk directly with their friends. Users can choose from one (1) of five (5) features that they can send via email and AIM or post on Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn.

Check out the Bill Cowher viral pieces that Comcast created for the campaign to entice consumers to take advantage of the terrific $200 cash back offer: