Red Bull Takes Soccer Freestyling Worldwide...

Are you looking for ways to revolutionize a sport? Is your brand looking to create an ownable sports platform?

Red Bull is changing the game when it comes to building customized, ownable sports platforms. The brand's success is highlighted by its ownership of Red Bull Street Style, the world's ultimate soccer freestyle battle.

In just two years, Red Bull has built a globally recognized soccer platform that is driving a significant amount of buzz among soccer enthusiasts everywhere. The Red Bull Street Style enables competitors in 45 markets worldwide to compete in a three (3) minute head-to-head battle against one another.

The best performers from each round will advance to the regional stage and then on to the finals to represent their country. The performers are judged based on their technical skill, ball control, and creativity. The 2010 Street Style finals competition will serve as a precedent to the World Cup - taking place in Cape Town, South Africa in April.

Here is a quick look at the 2009 Amsterdam Red Bull Street Style finals:

Here is a quick look at the inaugural Red Bull Street Style world finals, which took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2008: