Are You Offering Win Insurance?

Are you looking for new ways to incorporate insurance partners? Are you looking to offer new, fan-friendly incentives?

As reported by and the Veritix Newsletter, the River City Rascals of the Frontier League have teamed up with their insurance partner, Midwest Agency, to create a compelling "win insurance" offer for fans.

How does it work?

Prior to the 8th inning of all Rascals home games, fans can purchase "win insurance" for $2. As the game enters the bottom of the 8th, the rate for "win insurance" is raised to $5. If the team goes on to lose the game, all fans in attendance who purchase "win insurance" receive box seats to a future game that is valued at $11... the catch? Fans have to pick up their free tickets at the Midwest Agency (driving automatic awareness and foot traffic).

The "Midwest Agency Winning Insurance" offer has served as a tremendous way for the brand and Rascals organization to attract and entice fans. The promotion has attracted the attention of numerous media outlets and serves as an excellent benchmark for organizations looking for new ways to leverage insurance partners.

A special thanks to Alex Vitanye of the Ohio University Center for Sports Administration for his insights and contributions to this column.