October 2010 Partnership Activation 2.0 Newsletter

Thank you for coming to check out PartnershipActivation.com. I am excited to share with you the new October 2010 Partnership Activation 2.0 Newsletter.

I am truly excited about the content featured in this month's newsletter. I want to thank you for your continued support and willingness to share the newsletter and content featured on the site with your friends and colleagues. It's remarkable that in just 2+ years, newsletter readership has spread to 60+ countries across the globe- a true testament to your support!

This month's newsletter features a collection of insights, including:

  • The Fist Pump Cam
  • Creative Promotional Tactics from Across the NFL
  • Special Vehicles to Leverage Athlete Endorsers
  • St. Louis Rams' Green Week
  • The Leverage Daily Buzz
  • A Look at the October 2010 Partnership Activation Rising Stars
  • Brands Doing an Effective Job Leveraging Athlete Endorsers
  • College Music Videos (I Love My Ducks / Teach Me How To Bucky)
  • Versus' New Outdoor NHL Campaign
  • 2010 Ryder Cup Insights
  • Creative Activation Tactics
  • The Coors Light Beer Box
  • Unique Ways to Leverage Pizza Companies as Partners

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One side note for this month, I encourage you to consider attending the 5th Annual Ivy Sports Symposium on Friday, November 19th in Princeton, NJ. The event, which costs $50 for students, $150 for alumni, and $200 for industry professionals, is truly one of the best sports conferences in the United States!

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