Industry Profiler: PropertyPort

Recent economic times have sponsors and team partners analyzing contractual agreements closer than ever before. With millions of dollars oftentimes on the line, an increasing number of brand managers are scrutinizing all aspects of their partnerships, from category exclusivity designations, to the utilization of tickets and hospitality assets, to premium giveaways. As the industry continues to tighten its controls and make smarter business decisions, inventory controls, measurement, and CRM systems will become more important than ever before.

In an effort to help industry professionals make smarter business decisions, Partnership Activation is launching an Industry Profiler series that provides an in-depth look at some of the industry’s finest sponsorship tools and services. To kick off the series, Partnership Activation will take a close look at PropertyPort, an asset inventory and proposal management system developed by Conxeo (recently known as Sponsor Direct.  

Created in 2007, PropertyPort has emerged as one of the industry’s leading sponsorship management systems, primarily in Minor League Baseball. The application, originally designed as an inventory controls system for properties to manage sellable assets, has evolved into an extremely valuable platform that offers proposal management systems, inventory controls, CRM systems, and communication portals. PropertyPort has a very simple interface that is customizable and easily utilized by various departments within an organization.

Here is a quick look at the portal’s features and functionality:


Gone are the days of managing proposals, stadium inventory, and measurement via Excel spreadsheets and email. Specialized inventory and proposal management systems like PropertyPort serve as functional platforms designed to assist teams with creating formalized proposals within minutes, gain a complete understanding of all sellable inventory in real-time, and ensure that metric tools are assigned to meet all goals and objectives set forth within the partnership.


PropertyPort features an embedded CRM system that allows team representatives to manage their communications, leads, propensity to close, status updates, and projected totals. With a format similar to Microsoft Outlook, the PropertyPort CRM system is very user-friendly and serves as a nice complementary asset for persons using the inventory management tool.


PropertyPort recently unveiled its newest feature, communications portal, to help sports organizations talk to their corporate partners or any third party in a defined space. The communications portal is designed as a workflow, where both teams and sponsor representatives can easily identify pending project deadlines, view back-and-forth communications, and manage a real-time conversation online. To date, the communications have been well received by both team and sponsor contacts, as it eliminates a lot of unnecessary emails and miscommunication that can take when sending emails and various spreadsheets.

Outside of the various means of functionality, the most appealing aspect of the PropertyPort system is the rate card provided to teams and sponsors. PropertyPort is one of the most cost-efficient systems in the marketplace, with standard systems being made available to minor league organizations starting at just $1.500. Check out their full rate card of pricing here.

Enclosed are some screenshots of the PropertyPort system. Check out the Conxeo website for more information on PropertyPort and additional services they offer for stakeholders in the sports marketplace.

Note: Partnership Activation is not affiliated with Conxeo and the PropertyPort system in any manner. Please feel free to leave sentiments in the Comments section below about your experiences using the PropertyPort system.