The Nets Brought Virtual Good Luck to the NBA Draft

Are you looking for new ways to engage fans around a league draft? Are you looking for new ways to leverage social media platforms to drive water cooler conversations around your organization?

It has become a customary practice for NBA organizations to bring a good luck charm with them to the annual NBA Draft in anticipation of securing a top pick. While some organizations send rising stars, new owners, and sweepstakes winners, the New Jersey Nets turned to VaynerMedia and their avid social media following to bring them good luck in 2010.

The Nets and VaynerMedia created a microsite,, that utilized Twitter and Facebook social plugins to allow fans the opportunity to post good luck messages to the team without having to leave the page and participate via their social media accounts. With a 25% chance of securing the top pick, Nets fans left hundreds of good luck messages and shared their thoughts about the Net's future and the hopes of securing an elite prospect. The organization launched the microsite at 9am the morning of the Draft and kept it live until just shortly after the draft picks were announced. 

Unfortunately for the Nets, luck was not on their side and they ended up securing the 3rd spot in the Draft. While the result of the lottery is pretty disappointing for Nets fans, their virtual good luck charm was a hit. Look for some more related initiatives in the near future!