Real Madrid Wants You To Become a Part of the Club

Sports organizations looking to create new, captivating messaging campaigns with a call to action should take a close look at a nice piece that Real Madrid recently unveiled entitled, "Be Part of the Club, become Madrista!

The piece does a nice job telling a story that speaks to tradition, success, and perseverance and leaves the viewer with a rush of adrenaline. Why not create a simple piece like this to target casual fans of your sport around the world?

Check it out below:

Real Madrid is bringing its Madrista open call to fans campaign to life with a Madrista Planet initiative on its team website that encourages all of the team's fans outside of Spain to submit a photograph of themselves and a message to have it featured on Thus far, over 3,000 fans from 50 countries have done so... a successful initiative that speaks to the breadth of Real Madrid fans across the globe!

A special thanks to Ash Read of for his insights and contributions to this column!