Carlton Tests the Skills of Fans with Massive Magnatron Display

Carlton Draught created a huge splash around the AFL Grand Final in September 2010 by erecting an enormous Magnatron game that offered fourteen (14) lucky contestants a chance to win $100,00 worth of prizes. Carlton created a replica of the game, which consumers commonly play in bars using mini-cranes to pick up plush toys and other small prizes, that stood a massive 10 stories high at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Carlton provided the (14) select contestants with a chance to operate a 30m crane with a 750kg magnet attached to try to pick up a variety of prizes, including a Toyota HiLux vehicle, a 10-year AFL Grand Final hospitality package, and $5,000 cash from a Carlton Draught ATM. Contestants were tasked with positioning the Magnatron over a prize they desired, lining up the magnet, and aiming to ensure that they successfully clasped a valuable item.

Consumers could enter for the chance to be (1) of (14) select participants by participating in an on-pack and/or on-air promotion that Carlton executed in the marketplace. 

Check out the unique Magnatron activation stunt below: