Partnership Activation Goes Live on the Row Show

If you have a few minutes available, check out the new episode of the Row Show, one of the premier sports business talk shows in sports! I had the privilege of being featured on the show as a guest speaker and would encourage you to check it out on a bi-weekly basis.

Jason Cole and Jonathan Dusing do an incredible job highlighting recent trends and technologies in the space - everything from social and mobile media to innovative marketing practices.

Here is a quick rundown of some recent guest speakers on the show:

Episode 43 - Brian Gainor, GMR Marketing and Partnership Activation

Episode 41 - Jamie Diloreto, Boston College Athletics

Episode 38 - Brian Bowsher, Marquette Athletics

Episode 36 - Craig Pintens, LSU Athletics

Episode 33 - Dan Harbison, Portland Trail Blazers

Episode 30 - Brendan Wilhide, Sports in 140

Episode 27 - Sam Taggart, Vaynermedia

Episode 25 - Jeramie McPeek, Phoenix Suns

Episode 20 - Russell Scibetti, New York Jets and

Episode 12 - Andy Rentmeester, Oakland Raiders