Nike 6.0 Hits The Pool to Engage Skateboarders

Over the past 2 years, Nike 6.0 has taken the world by storm with some brilliant out-of-the-box thinking, generating a significant amount of buzz in the action sports space.

In 2009, Nike 6.0 introduced "The Tunnel Jam" after masterfully renovating an aging tunnel into an extensive skatepark and welcoming the world's hottest skateboarders to test it out. The initiative was filmed and turned into a viral piece that generated 1.4MM views and generated a significant amount of buzz online.

In 2011, Nike 6.0 launched "The Pool", an initiative where the company drained and renovated a pool facility in Dagenham, East London and turned it into an ultimate skate park. Nike launched "The Pool" with a series of virals and introduced the world's finest international BMX riders, skateboarders, and action sports enthusiasts to a whole new experience.

Check out the virals below for more: