July 2011 Partnership Activation Newsletter

Welcome to the July 2011 Partnership Activation Newsletter! I really appreciate your continued interest and support and think that you are going to really enjoy this month's newsletter.

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The coolest thing in this month's newsletter is the Red Bull Hare Scramble video... I HIGHLY recommend you check it out!

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 This month's newsletter features a collection of insights, including:

  • Gila River Casino's KaChingKo
  • 10 Building Blocks To Help You Become Everything You Can Be
  • Eyes on the Industry: Australian Football League
  • Navigate Marketing Spotlight: 5 Questions With Mark Friederich
  • Using Augmented Reality to Engage Fans
  • Drive Merchandise with Virtual Stores
  • Leverage Airspace on Gameday to Engage Fans
  • LG Uses a Unique Rugby Branding Play to Wash Away the Competition
  • Continental Tire Displays The Cage
  • IBM Uses Sponsorship Technology to Engage Airport Travelers
  • The Sport Industry Daily
  • Creativity In the Sports Marketplace
  • July 2011 Partnership Activation Rising Stars
  • NACMA Spotlight
  • A Close Look at Creative Marketing in Major League Baseball
  • Creative Tactics From the 2011 College World Series
  • The Cincinnati Reds' Dusty Days
  • Showtime Delivers a Unique Foursquare Vending Experience
  • Idea Box

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